Arrowsmith Blonde

Blonde Ale — 4.8% Alc./Vol.

Our signature award-winning Blonde is a sessionable, crisp beer brewed with Canadian Pilsner, British Crystal Malts, and generously hopped with Chinook and Cascade. Pleasant grapefruit flavour and a floral aroma compliment a clean and dry finish to this occasion-enhancing West Coast Ale.

Availability: Bombers, Cans, On Tap, Kegs
BCBA 2017 1st Place

Comfortably Chum

Hefeweizen — 5.5% Alc./Vol.

A German-style Weissbier, brewed with generous amounts of Malted Wheat for a distinctive haze and creamy mouthfeel. Our Weizen Yeast strain adds delicate flavours of banana and clove, while an untraditional addition of sweet orange peel completes this refreshing, effervescent beer.

Availability: Bombers, Cans, On Tap, Kegs

Salish Sea

Pale Ale — 5% Alc./Vol.

A well-balanced Pale Ale with a rich grain bill of Canadian Pale, British Crystal, Amber, Wheat, and Rye Malts which provide notes of biscuit, nuts, toast, and spice. Late additions of Mosaic and Chinook lend a pleasant citrus punch and balanced bitterness.

Availability: Bombers, Cans, On Tap, Kegs

Jagged Face

India Pale Ale (IPA) — 7.2% Alc./Vol.

Our powerhouse West Coast IPA is brewed with Canadian Pale and select Crystal Malts that provide a rich amber maltiness. Seven of our favourite Northwest Hop strains provide assertive bitterness and layers of hop character with notes of citrus, pine, stone fruit, and resin.

Availability: Bombers, Cans, On Tap, Kegs

Low Pressure

Porter — 6.0% Alc./Vol.

A rich, medium-bodied Porter with a complex blend of Dark Roasted and British Specialty Malts. Flavours of chocolate, espresso, and caramel dance on the tongue, while a touch of UK Hops adds a light fruitiness. This is the perfect West Coast sipper.

Availability: Bombers, Cans, On Tap, Kegs

Weekend Rambler

Pineapple Sour — 5.0% Alc./Vol.

Our first Sour in this series is a light bodied refreshing Ale brewed with Wheat, Oats and Acidulated Malts that are kettle soured with our house Lacto strain. This version is re-fermented with a heavy dose of Pineapple Purée and dry hopped with Mosaic to create the perfect summer sipper.

Availability: Bombers, Cans, On Tap, Kegs

The Boss

Pilsner — 5.0% Alc./Vol.

Forever known as “The Boss”, this refreshing German Pilsner pays homage to our late grandfather. Through constant hard work, a keen entrepreneurial spirit, and a charismatic personality, Doug lived his life to the fullest. Along the way he helped shape the lives of his family and friends. Cheers to you Doug – forever missed.

Pilsner and Munich malts were combined with Hallertau Blanc and Mandarina Bavaria hops to keep this beer light and refreshing – just the way he would have liked it.

Availability: Bombers, Cans, On Tap, Kegs



109-425 Standford Ave

E. Parkville

BC, V9P 2N4



@2020 Mount Arrowsmith Brewing Company | Parksville/Qualicum Beach, BC Canada | Crafted by FOE


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