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Opening a Brewery: The Prost

December 12th, 2016 will always go down as our earliest Christmas on record. Equipment delivery day! All of our brewing equipment is made by Specific Mechanical of Victoria, and 4 semi’s loaded with our fermenters, brewhouse, liquor tank, mill, keg washer, and other great goodies were all set to arrive! Of course, if you remember, this was right smack in […]

Opening a Brewery: The Plan

Skip ahead 1.5 years. The plan has been set in motion. Mount Arrowsmith Brewing Company is going to happen! We have the licenses, we have the building, and now – we build! Or actually we tear apart first I should say. Starting in September 2016, we began construction at the new site of our dream brewery. First order of business […]

Opening a Brewery: The Beginning

Yea? …Why wouldn’t we? There’s the start. The very beginning of 2.5 years of research, budgeting, business plans, learning, and building. It all started with a few simple words uttered over a ping pong table – the same pong table that has found a new home in the brewery today. The reasoning behind it was simple. We loved great local […]




    @2020 Mount Arrowsmith Brewing Company | Parksville/Qualicum Beach, BC Canada | Crafted by FOE


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