Skip ahead 1.5 years. The plan has been set in motion. Mount Arrowsmith Brewing Company is going to happen! We have the licenses, we have the building, and now – we build! Or actually we tear apart first I should say.

Starting in September 2016, we began construction at the new site of our dream brewery. First order of business – demo. With sledge hammers in-hand we tore through walls, ripped down ceilings, moved mezzanines and smashed concrete. One of the most difficult portions of this stage was undoubtedly cutting concrete and planning for drainage. Breweries are notoriously wet. Constant cleaning of the brewhouse and fermenters means water lays everywhere – always. Enter floor drains. Planning out where spot drains would or should be located, as well as laying out our 30ft trench drain, definitely took some effort – and a few more concrete cuts than we hoped.

Once the drains were installed and the concrete poured we needed to decide what to put on top of it. Concrete is porous, and breweries are notoriously tough on any type of concrete application applied. After some hard research we settled on a tough polyurethane coating that would stand up to beer and forklifts. Now to just apply it! Well – it wasn’t easy – in-fact it took 3 applications to get it right. And with our looming equipment delivery date we pushed the limits and finally got the final application down just the DAY BEFORE 4 trucks loaded with shiny new brewing equipment were set to arrive …Whew!



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